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Iokepa Naole, who describes a konohiki as one who monitors and takes care of all the living resources, from mountain to ocean.

Now we all must be konohiki

1.  BODY:  Nourish your body and your family with organic foods from farmers within a 50-mile radius of home. Grow a garden or join a Community Supported Agriculture farm (CSA) or a community garden. Support your local farmer’s markets. Buy as much food as you can from your farmers and food artisans. This builds your local food security. Eat healthy, organically grown vegetarian meals several days a week. Thirty percent of carbon emissions and thirty percent of cancer come from the foods we eat. Americans eat more meat than almost any other population. Production of meat tripled between 1980 and 2010, and is expected to double by 2020. Livestock occupies over 25% of the Earth’s land, using up 70% of all agricultural lands. 

Eating an Earth Friendly Diet means healthier, lighter bodies, less animal feed lots, less water consumption, less water pollution, less air pollution, preservation of wildlife and their habitats, reduced transport of foods, deforestation and noxious greenhouse gases. (Statistics: Center for Biological Diversity, Take Extinction off Your Plate Campaign).

Neuroscience and cellular biology confirm that that everything we think, say and do matters. Turn your thoughts into a positive force in your body, family, community, and this world. It’s fun! Become a positive presence in your own body. Nothing is more important. Nothing is more effective. Nothing changes us more profoundly, quickly and positively. We become what we are: powerful beings co-creating the future within an awesome Universe and a regenerative. Renowned author Joanna Macy calls this ‘active hope’. Practice slow, deep breathing. Pause often, Practice yoga or qigong every morning to start your day. Healing yourself is one with healing the world. That’s good news!

2.  HOME: At least 2/3 of all cancers in the United States are due to environmental factors. The 2010 President’s Cancer panel strongly warns of grievous harm from the 80,000 largely unregulated chemicals on the market. Only a few hundred of them have been tested for safety. Do we want this stuff in our own homes? In our kitchens? In our garages?

Make your home a healthy sanctuary by using inexpensive, non-toxic products and cleaning solutions that contribute to your family’s health and the greater good. Make zero waste, optimum home health, safety and natural beauty your goal. It’s your safe haven.

Turn your rooftop into a photovoltaic power plant and solar hot water source.

3.  YARD:  Create a sustainable, verdant backyard, lanai, or balcony based on native plants and trees, edible landscaping, water conservation, gray water reuse and small ponds. Take down the fences and connect your yard to your neighbors. Turn your neighborhood, vacant lot, or urban rooftop into a mini-orchard of fruit and nut trees, berry bushes and wildflowers. When flat rooftops, patios, and balconies are reclaimed as gardens, and spectacular living walls transform the buildings and the cities, we will reclaim most of the land that was paved in the built environment. Imagine the beauty! Substitute compost, mulching, indigenous microorganisms (IMO’s) and proper plant selection for chemical pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer use. It’s your safe oasis, or can be. Everything is possible.

4.  Community/BIOREGION:  Study and participate in your local stream or watershed restoration, community and bioregion, restoring native plant and animal communities. Rewilding and reconstructing streams, rivers, ponds and wetlands (however small) enhance biodiversity, water quality, ecological balance and stability, health and beauty. Being active in positive community endeavors in the natural world increases health, well-being and joie de vie. It’s your water. It’s your community. It’s your home. It’s your future. Everything matters.

5.  NATURE: Choose your favorite endangered animal or place in the world and pledge to do whatever you can to help that species or ecosystem thrive. 
Choose your favorite endangered animal or place in the world and pledge to do whatever you can to help that species or ecosystem thrive. 

The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach iit.-                                                                                                                                Michelangelo
 An International Traveling Exhibition of Endangered Species 
Dedicated to the Children of the World by Calley O'Neill with Rama the Elephant 
Artists Speaking Passionately on Behalf of Those who Cannot Speak

Ours is a lofty goal ~ to spark awareness and action to preserve the health of life on Earth.  

There is time for nothing less. It is our intention that every person leaves The Circle of Life Action
 Room with a heightened sense of the inherent value and interconnection of all species. A conviction of the heart is essential to create a plan to move toward a better future.

​EVERYTHING MATTERS  is a global campaign to save biodiversity  (Life on Earth)

  • How can you and your family be healthier and happier every day?
  • How can your homes and backyard be your healthy sanctuary?
  • How can you help take care of the natural world where you live?  
  • How can you contribute to creating a healthy world and a healthy future where you are with what you have?  
  • What would this look like if it were easy?
Start by doing what is necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
--Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment, whose annual Feast Day, October 4th is commemorated with ceremonies to bless the animals

In the old days all our power came to us from the sacred hoop of the nation, and so long as the hoop was unbroken the people flourished. The flowering tree was the living center of the hoop, and the circle of the four quarters nourished it. 
— Chief Black Elk (1863-1950)

A hundred years ago, Black Elk had a vision that in seven generations the sacred hoop that had been broken would be mended. The children born in this decade (2010-2020) are the seventh generation.  

We are the ones we have been waiting for.