Jeb is a zookeeper.  He loves his job!

Speaking Passionately on Behalf of Those who Cannot Speak
 A Groundbreaking Collaboration of Innovative Artists and Thinkers featuring RAMA the Elephant ~ Created and Directed by Calley O'Neill
RAMA, AMBASSADOR FOR THE ENDANGERED ONES is a journey of art and soul for the Earth. When it opens this international traveling exhibition will be a call to action, intended to stir the hearts, minds and souls of all who experience it, inspiring people to think and act in ways that benefit humanity, nature and our healthy future

The Rama Exhibition springs from a unique collaboration between visionary artists Calley O’Neill, Rama, the Oregon Zoo elephant who paints, Jeb Barsh, an innovative zookeeper who choreographed their creative contact, and a growing team of creative thinkers and craftspeople.

Through 36 large-scale painting alcoves portraying the planet’s vanishing ones, 36 Wildlife Prayer Wheels, a species chapel with 36 stained glass windows representing the terrestrial biodiversity hotspots, The Animal Wheel and The Circle of Life Action Room, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey of the heart to learn what’s happening to life on Earth, and why it is essential to preserve it.
After being greeted by solo works and large-scale photographs of Rama and Calley painting, visitors will enter a guided journey in the world’s first stained glass biodiversity chapel, then venture into the main painting chambers called The Valley of the Endangered Ones.  Through finding their place on The Animal Wheel and exploring The Action Room, visitors will leave with their mission in heart and hand to activate their contribution to restoring Earth’s balance.

Our goal is a wildly successful exhibition to help close the gap between the quality of our knowledge and our ability to affect the quality of life on Earth, and create a future that is even better than we can imagine.  
The most important thing we can do is realize that everything we do matters.  Jane Goodall
The Rama Exhibition is being created with Meraki, Greek word that means done with absolute devotion, with rapt attention, enthusiasm and passion.

Meraki is the heart and soul, the creativity, the essence of my Being that is put into this work. No matter how long and complex the work, this work continues in love and devotion to the perpetuation of life and health. 
  Calley O’Neill